With over 20 years industry experience

At Presentation Graphics we like to think we are able to manage the entire creative process from conception and design to final sign off, manage client expectations throughout and maintain a constant dialogue for future ongoing projects.

We provide creative and technical services to help you realise the solution to your brand image whilst maintaining a friendly, upfront and honest customer service relationship throughout.

The Design Process

  • Meet

    After initial introduction is made, a meeting is scheduled either face-to-face or via email to discuss client requirements. Introduce ourselves and learn about the clients business. Set goals and understand the clients objectives.

  • Brainstorming

    Review supplied materials with design team. Discuss ideas/colours/typography and templates as rough drafts with team to refine design.

  • Concepts

    Produce computer based graphics from group discussions. Produce layout options, colour combinations and graphic styles for discussion within group. Some will work, some not. Client input will result in the preferred design concepts being chosen.

  • Create

    The selected design is worked up with all client approved details implemented. Delivery of full designs to client for further discussion/modifications. Feedback from client as this stage is crucial in producing a focused product.

  • Refine

    Variations from client feedback may be developed as further mock-ups to refine designs. Once client has signed-off the design, fully working templates or print-ready files are produced

We aim to provide the best graphic design service possible for our clients. Through hard work, focus, honesty and our creative talents we help our clients stay ahead of their competitors. We deliver on our promises and enable a smooth, professional and fun design process.

Good design takes time and co-operation. We understand that design is a business investment and as a result we will involve you in the process as much as possible. We want you to feel as passionate about the project as we do.

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